Everyone Wins!

Increase customer satisfaction, security, and revenues.

Biostamp is a self-hosted, open-source biometric identity solution that provides ready-made, customizable components for quickly implementing advanced biometric identity. Join us towards a #passwordless future.

how does it work

Quick to get started, easy to grow

We've focused all our efforts on creating an elegant development experience to make development easy and fun. Use pre-made components to integrate passwordless authentication in minutes.

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Deploy Biostamp BaaS
Implement and customize a pre-made component
Enjoy biometric passwordless authentication


Powerful, Secured, and Flexible

Passwords are dangerous to your business. Not only are they insecure and prone to phishing, but they also have a significant impact on revenue and customer experience. Take advantage of Biostamp to seamlessly enhance your application with passwordless.

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Enhance everything

Enhance any application with ready-made components and plugins.


Built for speed

Biostamp bost the authentication process from ~4 seconds with passwords to less than a second with biometrics.



Biostamp provides a well-crafted set of defaults out-of-the-box, but literally, you can customize everything.


customer experience

Let your users enjoy a frinctionless passwordless authentication expirence that is fluid and effortless.


Increase Revenue

Failed login attempts have a significant impact on your business. Gain back lost revenue within minutes.


Private & Secure

Built in end-to-end security and data privacy. You have full control over your data!


Join our open-source community and make an impact

The open-source community built Biostamp to support their needs. Are you missing something in particular? Join our maintainers' community, help us brainstorm around cool features and ideas, contribute to the project and let everyone enjoy an improved version of Biostamp.

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